Guide: Greeviling Mode

The Christmas update for Dota 2 is here and the Greevils have plundered the stores and made off with the presents and goodies. It is upon you to slay those vile Greevils and get your presents back.

You can sign up for a Greeviling Match via the Play Tab where you will have the choice to equip one of your existing Greevils from the Halloween Diretide event. The type of your Greevil will determine what spells you will carry forward into the game. Do not worry if you were not a part of Diretide, anyone without an egg will automatically be assigned the default Naked Greevil form.

Find Match

Once you are in the game and you pick a hero, you can find a sock in your inventory which you will need to open. There are some goodies for you in this sock that will aid you in the game. While the secondary contents of the sock may vary, you will at all times be given a Whistle using which you will be able to transform in to a Greevil with special abilities. The whistle requires channeling and can be used unlimited number of times in a game to switch to and fro between your hero and your Greevil.


Once the game begins, set out to the marked Greevil camps and take them out before your enemy team does. When you slay one of these camps, you will be awarded a point and also presents that will give you boosts to your inventory by filling it up with random items in the game that will help your hero grow stronger.

Major Greevil Spawn

The aim of the game is to finish 11 Camps before your enemy does. While everybody wins a present, the team which wins get the better Frostivus Gift that all in all offers a better drop rate for nice items while the losing team will have to make do with those gifts that even the Greevils did not like much.


Frostivus Gift

As simple as that. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, slay those dirty Greevils and retrieve the presents already. Merry Greeviling!

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