6 Series

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VIDEO: Check Out This E24 BMW M635CSi Barn Find

We just saw Harry Metcalf testing out a near perfect-condition BMW M635CSi. It was a stunning car that really proved to be the spiritual precursor to cars like the BMW M8. However, in this new…

ALPINA B6 Gran Coupe For Sale is One of the Best Looking Bimmers

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What BMW Should I Buy For Under $20,000?

$20,000 is, to most of us, a large amount of money. You could buy a decent Rolex. You could almost perform a yearly service on a Bugatti Veyron. More sensibly, you could probably get a…

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VIDEO: Take a POV Drive in a the Original BMW M6

It’s sort of crazy to think that the current BMW M8 Competition Coupe, a monster two-door GT car with the performance to rival Ferraris and McLarens, came from this, the original E24 BMW M6. The…