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Could the BMW i3 Sedan Look Like This Render?

There’s going to be another BMW i3 but it isn’t a follow up to the charming electric hatchback. Instead, the next i3 will be BMW’s electric 3 Series sedan and will likely become the brand’s…

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Battery Degradation Raises Questions About Used EV Ownership

One of the bigger question marks surrounding the future of EVs is batter degradation. Lithium-ion batteries will degrade over time and use, causing their total capacity to drop off. Of that, there’s no question. However,…

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Madrid Police Force Gets 169 Electrified BMW Vehicles

After nine years and over 250,000 cars assembled, BMW ended production of the quirky i3 hatchback back in June. However, some of the final vehicles were not delivered until earlier this week at a dedicated…

BMW i3s Laps The Nurburgring In Surprisingly Exciting POV Video

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Is the BMW i4 eDrive35 an i3 Replacement?

It’s not entirely accurate to say that the BMW i3 was the entry-level EV in BMW’s range because it was the only EV. However, now that BMW has two electric models sold in the U.S.,…

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BMW i3 – One of the Most Underrated Cars

It truly is jaw-dropping how quickly time can pass by. After nearly a decade of deliveries throughout the world, BMW i3 production recently ended. When the car first arrived on US shores in early 2014,…

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BMW i3 Saves Electric Riding Lawn Mower

These are strange times, strange times indeed. I just used our 2021 BMW i3s to help repair our electric riding lawn mower. Give me a moment to explain. Our electric lawn mower’s 5-year-old batteries decided…