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This Could Be the Cheapest BMW Z8 You’ll Ever See

The BMW Z8 is among the most valuable Bimmers in history. Nice examples well sell for several hundreds of dollars, due to their rarity, beauty, and collectability. Which is why this one, currently for sale…

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BMW i4 M50 – How Far You Can Drive at Top Speed?

Cold weather and top speeds are sworn enemies of electric vehicles. At least until the battery technology is improved. So it comes as no surprise that driving on the Autobahn with the pedal to the…

BMW i4 M50 Police Car By AC Schnitzer Premieres At 2022 Essen Motor Show

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7 Limited BMW i4 M50 by Kith will be sold to customers

The second collaboration between BMW and luxury retailer Kith was unveiled earlier today. Kith’s owner and New York designer Ronnie Fieg has exclusively designed as part of the collaboration between his brand and BMW. The…