BMW 3 Series 2nd Facelift Could Take Design Cues From New i3

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Rumor: Next BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe could be electric

The next generation BMW 8 Series (codename G77) is rumored to enter the production line in 2026. The third generation 8 Series will continue to use the CLAR rear-wheel drive platform which can accommodate any…

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Rumor: Next gen-BMW X4 axed, iX4 coming

BMW’s electrification plans are moving forward and in 2025, the EV-first Neue Klasse platform will arrive in Munich. So naturally, the lineup of cars will go through major changes. One model that might fall out…

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New BMW 5 Series G60 likely to drop the V8 engine

2023 will bring to market one of BMW’s most important models – the 5 Series G60. Once considered the backbone of the entire BMW lineup, the new 5 Series will change its typical engine lineup….