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How to Precondition Your BMW Electric Vehicle

Preconditioning is one of the best features available in a BMW electric vehicle. There are a lot of benefits to the precondition and preventilation functions, and in this article, we will outline them. For example,…

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How Do I Plan for More Than One EV In the Future?

Internal combustion vehicles have been around for so long that the infrastructure is such that vehicles can be made to adapt to our lifestyles. However, when it comes to electric vehicles, roles are reversed—we have…

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BMW Gesture Control: The Quick How-To Guide

Gesture control started making an appearance in BMW’s cars back in 2015, with the then-new 7 Series. It’s now trickling down to most BMW models and will likely soon be standard equipment in every BMW….

Charge your BMW without an app and card

How to Track my BMW Order (2022)

Tracking the production of your new BMW can be an exciting – and sometimes frustrating – experience. While BMW client advisors are typically good judges, tracking your BMW order yourself is easy and not terribly…

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How to Program BMW Memory Buttons

In this video, you will learn how to program the memory buttons in your BMW car. Until recently, all BMW models had physical buttons or hot keys that could be used to program and store…

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How to setup Apple CarPlay in my BMW

In this video, you will learn how connect and setup Apple CarPlay to your iPhone smartphone in a BMW car. The BMW X3 used in this demo comes with iDrive 7, so the procedure might…