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AC Schnitzer Builds The Dream BMW 3 Series Touring

The new 3 Series LCI facelift is a refreshing improvement. Most new BMWs keep switching to oversized grilles with weird styling but BMW shows its restraint with the 3er and actually made an already handsome…

What is the best BMW SUV in 2022?

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2023 BMW M2 in Brooklyn Grey Hits the Track

Brooklyn Grey seems to be among BMW’s favorite colors at the moment, as it uses it on everything. Admittedly, it’s a good color. Not many greys have much character but Brooklyn Grey does. And it’s…

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Which BMW Do You Want but Are Afraid to Buy?

Buying an old German car can often be terrifying. Old German cars especially BMWs, are infamous for their poor reliability and high cost of maintenance. Not all old Bimmers are unreliable but there are certainly…