The Greevils have plundered the stores and taken off the presents and sweets in the Dota 2 Christmas update. It’s up to you to fight those horrible Greevils and reclaim your gifts.

You can join up for a Greeviling Match by going to the Play Tab and choosing one of your current Greevils from the Halloween Diretide event to equip. What spells you’ll be able to use in the game will be determined by the sort of Greevil you have. If you weren’t a part of Diretide, don’t fret; everyone without an egg will be assigned the default Naked Greevil form.

Once you’ve chosen a hero and entered the game, you’ll see a sock in your inventory that you’ll need to open. This sock has some items that will help you in the game. While the sock’s secondary contents may vary, you will always be handed a Whistle, which you can use to transform into a Greevil with specific skills. The whistle requires channeling and can be used an endless number of times to switch between your hero and your Greevil during a game.

As soon as the game starts, please get to the marked Greevil camps and destroy them before your opponent’s team does. When you defeat one of these camps, you will receive a point and gifts that will improve your inventory by filling it with random game goods that will help your hero become stronger.

It’s your job to finish 11 Camps before your opponent if you want to win. While everyone receives a gift, the winning team gets the special Frostivus Gift, which has a higher drop rate for nice stuff. Overall, while the losing team will have to make do with gifts that even the Greevils dislike.

It’s that simple. So, what do you have to lose? Go ahead and murder those filthy Greevils while retrieving the gifts. Greeviling, Greeviling, Greeviling!

7.30 Gameplay Update

7.30 Gameplay Update includes new and tweaked hero abilities, updated talents, shards, and scepters, and a new batch of neutral items for everyone to explore as we go into the last weeks before The International in Bucharest in October.

There’s a lot of fun material to absorb with all of the modifications and improvements. For a complete list of what’s new in the 7.30 Update, go to the 7.30 Update page.

The Nemestice event concludes with this patch. Thank you to everybody who attended, and don’t forget to claim any remaining prizes.

The Steam Community Market is currently in beta.

The brand new Steam Community Market is now online and in beta mode for Team Fortress 2 players.

The Community Market is a new feature of the Steam Trading system that allows users to sell their products for Steam Wallet money, which they can then use to buy additional Steam content.

Users will conveniently look for items for sale on the market, and sellers will be able to deliver their goods more quickly. Until the process is developed further, the need for this initial system launch is confined to one-time consumable items. Transaction fees will be applied to every market activity.