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Broadcaster Tools for Dota 2

The Dota 2 Spectator System has been updated with useful features that will help broadcasters give a higher-quality presentation to their viewers on Dota TV. Hosts will give out real-time updates, notifications, statistics, and much more with the new capabilities.

Notifications of Item Purchase

A new popup that tells all spectators when a player acquires a favorite item would be the first addition. This will help viewers keep track of item growth.

For example, Bane bought a blink dagger in the game, and it now appears at that same moment.

All higher-tier goods, as well as some special instances on heroes, are treated the same way.

Tools for Broadcasters

Broadcasters in the game can now use an easy-to-use interface to display statistics and other PIP content to their users. The tool is accessed by pressing the little Dota logo in the upper right corner of your screen as a caster.

You’ll be sent to a new overlay by clicking the button where you may choose from the various announcement and notification options.

Style 1: There are three different layouts available to casters right now. The first is a simple bar announcement where you can only enter text.

Style 2: The second style allows you to interact with the game in a more graphic and personal way. You can choose one of the game’s heroes and see detailed information about them.

When you click “Select Image,” you’ll be offered icons for the game’s heroes as well as some bespoke generic icons for different uses.

Once you’ve entered and displayed your material, press OK to make it visible to all of your viewers.

Style 3: This one allows you to accomplish the same as the previous one, but with an enhanced table view for better-presenting statistics or any other information you choose.

The tools are accessible to all members of a certain broadcast channel. This will let organizers deliver more consistent and high-quality products for their games on Dota TV.