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Dota 2 is coming to Gamescom

Dota 2 was formally revealed to the public over a year ago at Gamescom 2011 with The International Dota 2 Championships. Even though The International has been relocated to Seattle, European Dota 2 fans will still see some action during Gamescom this year, courtesy of the World Cyber Games.

WCG Europe has announced and named Dota 2 as one of their official titles to be played at the WCG Germany National Finals (4 teams) and the Samsung European Encounter, which are set to take place in Germany between August 16 and 19, 2012, at Gamescom.

All winners of the National Finals will advance to the World Cyber Games Grand Finals, which will be held in Kunshan, China, later this year. But, while we wait for WCG officials to make a formal announcement, we have plenty of blockbuster action to keep us occupied and entertained.

What are Dota 2 Steam Trading Cards?

The Steam Trading Cards System beta has officially gone live on Steam, allowing users to interact with the rest of the community in a more meaningful way while still playing their favorite games. Make sure to check out everything it has to offer by clicking on the link above.

In this article, I’ll explain what Dota 2 Steam Trading Cards are (one of the games that have the system enabled already). For the rest of the games, the system works similarly.

All users who participate in the Steam Trading Card Beta (which will eventually be open to everyone) can get random card drops in their inventory while playing. In terms of Dota 2, the first release contains a total of 8 Cards available to consumers. Each card reveals a unique piece of artwork.

  • Card of the Bounty Hunter
  • Card of the Tidehunter
  • Miniature Card
  • Card of the Phantom Lancer
  • Riki Card is a Japanese character.
  • Card of the Tusk
  • Card of the Razor
  • Card of the Vengeful Spirit

Each user can get up to four of these cards via drops on their account (for Dota 2; the limit for other games will be stated on the Badge), while the remainder must be obtained through trade or the Steam Community Market.

Once you’ve gathered them all, you’ll be able to make a badge out of them, which will get you access to the rewards.

  • The prizes for this achievement will be added to your inventory once you’ve completed it. The following are the current rewards:
  • Your Steam Profile’s Background Image (you can edit this from your profile settings)
  • An emoticon for Dota 2 that you can use in your discussions.

A Steam gift code for a random game

You can go through the full collection, again and again, to advance your Badge to the next level and receive the next set of rewards. However, this time, you’ll have to collect all of the cards through Trading or the Market. There will be no free drops until you make a $9 or greater Dota 2 purchase, which will entitle you to one extra card drop. Likewise, $18 will get you two dots, and so on. The cost of the purchase may differ from game to game. It can be found on your Badge’s blueprint. Select “How do I earn card drops?” from the drop-down menu at the top of the Badge.