Now that the International is over, it’s time to get back to our weekly schedule of anticipating new patches and content every Wednesday. The first patch went online today, and while it does not add any new heroes to the pool, it does provide a clear indicator of what is to come shortly.

Team Invictus Gaming now has a spot on the Aegis of Champions, which can be found at each base, thanks to the update. The names of the most recent International champions, Team Natus Vincere, will also be forever engraved on this magnificent stone.

With The International behind us, one of the major updates you’ll notice this week is that the game’s model loading speeds and rendering procedures have improved considerably, allowing for higher frame rates and performance in-game. After all, it’s an expert, so not optimizing it for low-end PC users makes no sense.

A few changes have been made to the user interface as well. You no longer have to walk back and forth to check your cosmetics because the loadout screen for each hero now shows how many things you have for each slot.

Ahem! Meepo! Shared unit group symbols have been added to the top left hand of the screen for heroes with multiple primary units.

The combined items now have a movement animation, and the main thing is now highlighted for purchase if you have enough gold in the shop. If you ping on a dropped item, it will automatically paste the information into the team chat. This functions in the same way as rune pinging does.

The update also includes a slew of new audio lines for a variety of heroes. On my page, I’ll show you all of them over the week. So keep an eye on that.

If you enjoy playing with bots, you’ll enjoy this patch. With the addition of Dragon Knight and Skeleton King to the roster of bot pickups, you now have additional options. Several other changes have been made to the bots’ behavior, including their ability to calculate their relative power compared to the other team.

The Giftsnatch, Thyg

You’re all doing a fantastic job of recovering the Greevils’ stolen presents, but there’s something more that requires your attention.

While all of the Greenville went away with gifts, one creature, in particular, known as “Thyg, the Giftsnatch,” received a considerably better bargain. It’s unclear what he stole, but he certainly got a better share than his colleagues. The Giftsnatch is always on the go, but you might be able to catch him and steal some of his shiny loot.

There is a potential that you will see Thyg attempting to cross the frozen river during a Greeviling mode battle. The game will inform you when he spawns, but you must act quickly because he will not be around for long. Slay Thyg and recover what he took before he skates across the border, battling on the slick surface of the river. Because he will have 10,000 HP, you must join forces with your adversary for this small cause.

After fighting Thyg, every player will receive a second drop, which might be anything from a Nice Frostivus Gift to the highly sought-after Immortal Golden Greevil.

In any case, it’s one evil less, so I suppose that’s a good thing. Greevil Hunting is a lot of fun!