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Streaming Regulations

Everyone who enjoys Dota and The International benefits from giving third-party studios and unique casters a space to engage with their specific audiences.

Our rules didn’t consider how TI is different from other DOTA events throughout the year or how rebroadcasting affects global communities, and we’d like to change that based on the input we’ve heard. We agree that the success of these communities is beneficial to everyone.

For the remainder of the event, we will remove the 15-minute delay limitation for third-party streaming and reevaluate our overall strategy after The International.

Bundle of Battle Levels

The Nemestice 2021 Battle Level Bundle has arrived, allowing Battle Pass subscribers to progress further down the rewards line at a significant price. Each bundle comprises 60 Battle Levels, 6 Nemestice Immortal Treasures, and 3 Nemestice Themed Treasures, all for $14.99 each—a 70% discount on the levels and treasures’ combined value. Each Battle Pass holder has the option of purchasing up to two packages.

Many of the Battle Pass awards, such as the Davion Dragon Knight persona at Level 195, the Kid Invoker Dark Artistry set at Level 275, and the Phantom Advent Spectre Arcana at Level 330, maybe earned with this bundle. This weekend only package, ending Monday, August 9th. Now is the time to level up your Battle Level.

In other news, after the Battle Pass expires, Gameplay Patch 7.30 will be released.

The Compendium International

The Aegis of Champions is once again in jeopardy, as the International Dota 2 Championships begin in less than a week. Today’s update provides new methods to participate in Dota’s crowning ceremony to help set the tone. Choose your favorite players and teams, show your support for the casters and performers by purchasing autographs, vote for the community’s award-winning short films, and more.

The Compendium Reward Line is a collection of rewards for Compendium members.

The International Compendium is your interactive guide to the tournament this year, and it’s packed with new and returning features that are available to all players for free. The International 2021 Lineage Treasure features nine previously-released hero sets recreated into this year’s distinguishing black and gold is part of a brand-new reward line. At Level 1, you’ll receive a commemorative emoticon, and as you go through the levels, you’ll gain access to a new unique HUD skin, loading screens, and teleport effects for your preferred team.