Dota 2 now recognized by KeSPA

korean dota league

The Korean eSports Association (KeSPA; the body that oversees all eSport activity in the country) has now formally recognized Dota 2 as an eSport in Korea with the announcement of some amateur and professional leagues in the country.

The Korean Dota League powered by KeSPA in affiliation with Nexon and SPO TV Games will kick off team registrations on January 24, 2014. The league will consist of tiers that separate teams based on their skill and are eventually promoted to higher tiers as they perform better.

  • Tier 1: Four professional teams from the country will face off against each other for the biggest prizes offered by the league.
  • Tier 2: Six teams with a mixture of both professional and amateur teams will be a part of this tier.
  • Tier 3: Completely amateur teams with open sign-ups. Anyone can register and play in the league in this tier. Primarily will consist of online tournaments, community leagues and etc.

The bottom two teams of a higher tier will play with the top 2 teams of the next tier in promotional matches that could determine their chances of being promoted or demoted in the league. So it is important to keep winning to maintain your league tier status.

In addition to that, there will be a bonus for winning in succession for the Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams. Teams that top in Tier 1 will gain a prize money of 5 Million Won and a bonus of 1 Million Won for every successive win they gather. In Tier 2, the same process applies but with a base prize money of 2 Million Won.

Tier 3 has no rewards but teams can earn Tier Points by playing here. Events such as the Nexon PC Bang League, Final Season Winner, Community Contest Winner and more will dish out points to participating teams that they can eventually stack to proceed to the bigger tiers.

As for the format, Tier 1 teams will participate in a Bo3 Double Elimination tournament while the Tier 2 teams will participate in a Bo1 Round Robin format.

The final date for the signups is in February 3, 2014 with the event kicking off live on February 9, 2014 with the first season.

There will be 4 seasons this year.

  • Season 1: February – March
  • Season 2: April – June
  • Season 3: July – September
  • Season 4: October – December

All games will be played at the Nexon Arena in Gangnam and broadcasted on the SPO TV games channel. The games will also be streamed on YouTube, Naver, Tving and AfreecaTV. They will take place every week on Wednesday at 19:00 KST and Sunday at 15:00 KST.

More information will be available on the Dota 2 Korea website soon.

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Wyk’s Bests of 2013

Here are my personal bests of the year 2013 in competitive Dota 2. Some were easy choices and some were hard but I think I tried to be as objective as I could. Next time, I’ll be doing one of these right after The International because they can be more easily defined then as a season rather than waiting for a couple of months after when the story begins afresh.

Wyk's Bests of 2013

Team of the Year – Alliance

Alliance has been that dream team that everyone hopes to build in Dota 2. Kicking off in good spirit soon after their formation last year to claiming the grandest prize of them all within the course of the season is nothing short of brilliant. Apart from winning titles and dominance in the tournaments they participated, Alliance showed great standing in other aspects that define a team too. They constantly evolved as a stack of five players growing more and more naturally compatible with each other as every game went by. Having legendary names like Loda and to comparatively newer blood like AdmiralBulldog, the team proved that ideas and styles from two different eras can merge together to create a great mix to which success was inevitable.

Carry Player of the Year – XBOCT

A long one in the making but heavily deserved. Na`Vi has been one of the most stellar teams in the history of Dota with iconic play makers in the form of Dendi and Puppey who have been the primary stars of the team and rightly so for their incredible games. In a team like this, it takes more than just an ordinary level of carry play to shine above the rest and take a stand which XBOCT managed to accomplish this year. He managed to find that crucial area of balance between the aggressive style of play he is known to bring to the table and the calm that is needed to stay on the path to victory. With exceptional farming skills boosting what is required of him in his role, XBOCT delivered for Na`Vi on various stages this year and alongside proving to the world why he is the longest reigning carry player for one of the best teams ever to have existed.

Support Duo of the Year – EGM and Akke

The backbone and strength of Team Alliance. With s4, Loda and AdmiralBulldog focusing on their lanes, it comes down to EGM and Akke to give them that extra backing that gives them the much needed advantage to claim victory. This support duo has been of paramount importance in the grown of Team Alliance this year. Right from Akke’s regular visits to the mid lane making life difficult for the enemy solo to EGM’s never abandon my carry attitude to both forming the terrific trio with Bulldog placing the ball in their court, they are a true shining example of what every support duo should be. Perfection.

Secondary Solo of the Year – Trixi

The most flexible role in a team and one that can build up a high platform for his team if played right making it all the more pivotal. We saw some great off-laners this year in the form of AdmiralBulldog, bone7, iceiceice and more but my personal favorite for this one has to be Trixi. As a member of a team that showed nothing but progress and growth all round the year, Trixi has been versatile, result yielding, situation adaptive and above all consistently performing all around the year. He has been a heavy contributor to this magnificent squad and is sure to deliver more for them.

Mid Solo Player of the Year – Mushi

Very few players in this role could have competed with Mushi this year. Normally the success of the mid role greatly defines the ease of the game for a team but in the case of Mushi, it was his rock solid performance that stood out at every turn. Irrespective of what opponent he played, he managed to overcome them most of the times giving Orange and and now Team DK that boost that propelled them to many victories. Not to mention the incredibly large hero pool he carries around which makes it literally impossible to shut him down or figure.

Breakout Player of the Year – Fy

We saw a lot of new players this year making remarkable impression with their talent and skill. One such gem is Fy from Vici Gaming. As a support for his team, he has been a player who turned tides with the most unexpected of plays on his renowned Rubick or his deadly Crystal Maiden to name a few. He is one of those few players I feel from the new era of Chinese teams that has the potential to be a legendary name if he stays around for long. Can’t wait to see his performance in 2014.

The honorable mention here goes to Meracle from Titan (formerly First Departure) . He has been pretty much as impressive as Fy has been on his team on the complete opposite roles. Meracle defies all laws of Dota causing him to make plays that stand out. His game sense is absolutely fantastic allowing him to analyze the situation greatly giving him a much clearer understanding of what to do in a chaotic team fight as the carry. Definitely one of finer talents to have come out of South East Asia.

Caster Duo of the Year – LD and Luminous

The Davids. Yet another year of casting hundreds of matches with each cast getting better and better. Not only did they bring so many hours of entertainment together along with quality casting but also created viewership records as a part of Beyond The Summit over multiple events. Their voices will forever be encased in some of the best matches that this year had to offer.

Caster Duo of the Year – v1lat and CaspeR

100k viewers on English Stream? Cyka Please. 100k on Russian Stream. You can’t even begin to fathom how big that is and it takes great quality to make that happen. v1lat and CaspeR have been centrifugal figures in bringing the CIS masses to fall in love with game more and more boosting the popularity of the game by large values. They deserve every single credit that can be bestowed upon them. Magnificent job.

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Fixing Pixelated Dota 2 Shadows

smooth shadows

If your shadows in Dota 2 are being rendered pixelated even at a ‘High’ setting, here is a quick fix to smooth them up.

Go to your ‘Steamapps > Dota 2 > dota > cfg‘ folder and open up the video.txt file.

In the file, find the line -

“setting.gpu_level” “1

and change it to -

“setting.gpu_level” “3

Restart the game and your shadows should be rendered smooth as shown in the picture above. Have fun!

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Compendium Matchmaking


Compendium Matchmaking is now an available game mode to all Compendium owners within the game. In this mode, users will get to play one of the selected scenarios from The International 3 Qualifier matches and are made to replay the draft in their own style and technique. This scenario is changed every week and you can find all the info about it in the newly added pages in your Compendium.


Once you find your match and in the game, you will be given the choice to pick a hero from one of the two pre-determined drafts from the game. You are free to pick any hero you wish to and play the role but you will need to be quick if you are playing solo as the hero will become unavailable if your teammate picks it up before you do.


Once you pick your hero, you will be greeted in-game with a notification that will give you some information on how the professional teams played out the draft in the original match during the qualifiers. This information varies depending on what team you are playing for.


Here are the excerpts for the first week’s game.

Team Radiant - Rox.KIS

  • Batrider – Solo Top
  • Juggernaut – Solo Mid
  • Gyrocopter and Rubick – Bottom
  • Enchantress – Jungling in the Dire Jungle

“Rox.KIS controlled the early game, using the Juggernaut and Enchantress to push and destroy multiple Dire towers, then moving to secure an early Aegis from Roshan. Meanwhile, Rubick ensured Gyrocopter would get some farm bottom, and Batrider dominated the Magnus top, forcing Nyx to rotate top to help. In the mid game, EG turned it around, winning multiple team fights with Magnus, eventually pushing into the Radiant base. Team fights went back and forth in the mid to late game, culminating in multiple barracks being down for both teams. Late game, with multiple Roshan kills on the board, both Gyrocopter and Luna purchased Divine Rapiers to fight the final battle.

Eventually, Rox.KIS was able to secure victory at the 76 minute mark. Can you beat their time?”

Team Dire – EG

  •  Magnus – Solo Top
  • Nightstalker – Solo Mid
  • Nyx Assassin, Shadow Demon and Luna – Bottom

“Nightstalker struggled mid against a Juggernaut that used Blade Fury liberally, and Magnus could only control its lane once Nyx Assassin rotated top to assist him. On the plus side, Shadow Demon proved crucial in the early game, netting 2 kills with Luna in the Bottom lane.

Night time allowed EG to regain control with Nightstalker, Nyx Assassin and Shadow Demon finding some kills, and that created space for Luna to catch up to Gyrocopter. Even though Rox.KIS pushed hard with Juggernaut and Enchantress, EG was able to use Magnus’s Reverse Polarity to win several teamfights, even getting to break into Rox.KIS’ base. Late game, with multiple Roshan kills on the board, both Gyrocopter and Luna purchase Divine Rapiers to fight the final battle.

Eventually, Rox.KIS was able to secure victory at the 76 minute mark. Can you change history, and win instead?”

Now with enough info at hand, get started and use your Dota skills to etch deeper marks to the stories that are currently told or rewrite them entirely as you deem them fit.

Upon finishing a Compendium match, you will be granted experience and drops just like any other match making. So you do not have to worry about losing on it. Is that it? Who knows what the future holds in store eh?

Favorite Team and Player

Users will notice that their Compendium has now been updated with a new page where they get to select their favorite team and player. Once you select and lock your picks, you will earn points for your favorites every time you win a Compendium match. At the end of every week, the team and player with the highest fan score from these matches will be rewarded accordingly. Be sure to think before finalizing your picks because you cannot change them .. ahem.


Get started! I will update this as the weeks progress. The same guide can be found on Steam.

If you have any queries, feel free to buzz me on my Facebook or Twitter.

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Understanding the Smeevils

As of today’s update, The International 3 Compendium courier upgrades are now available on the client. However, the Smeevils are troublesome creatures so it will require a little bit effort to gather one that you might like. Here is a little guide that should aid you in understanding the system better.

Types of Smeevils & Upgrades

There are 4 types of Smeevils – the Green, the Red, the Yellow and the Purple. Every default courier that you gain on purchasing the Compendium is a Green Smeevil that can be upgraded to one of the others if you wish to.


A total of three custom mounts are available for these Smeevils that you can upgrade to if you wish – the Mammoth, the Bird and the Crab depending on what color Smeevil you upgraded to prior to this.

  • Red Smeevil can gain the Mammoth mount.


  • Yellow Smeevil can gain the Bird mount.


  • Purple Smeevil can gain the Crab mount.


All Smeevils can also gain a unique particle effect that strengthens with more views it gains. In order to gain views, you can watch The International 3 matches including the Eastern and Western Qualifiers. You can also watch replays to increase the view counter on your courier.


How do you upgrade the Smeevils?

In order to upgrade your Smeevil to a different color, you will need be in possession of a unique item called the “Smeevil Treat” and a “Critter Egg” in order to add a custom mount to your Smeevil.

  • Smeevil Treat – Upgrades your Smeevil into a different color.


  • Critter Egg – Adds a custom mount to your Smeevil.


How do I get these items?

The guide is further updated on Steam. You can feel free to check it out there.

What do I do once I get these items?

Once you are in possession of these items, right click on the Smeevil in your inventory and press “Select Style“. This will open up a dialog box where you can customize your courier.


In this dialog box you will be presented with all the options you have at your disposal.


After having your ingredients, select one of the styles and press on “Unlock Style“. Remember that unlocking a style will consume your ingredient.




You will now be able to apply the new style to your courier.


You can unlock multiple effects on the same courier and switch between them anytime you want or you can always level up multiple Smeevils depending on your interest and your collection rage. All the unlocked effects of one particular courier will be shown in their description on the Steam inventory to suit trading and other features.  Some features and strings may be tweaked slightly by final release.


For any questions and queries, feel free to buzz me on my Facebook Page or Twitter.

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