Staying Wyked with Team Zenith

Welcome to Staying Wyked – a little space here on my blog that I will actively dedicate to competitive Dota 2 bringing in exclusive news, interviews and other fun content from your favorite teams and players

Joining me in this first edition are none other Singapore’s Team Zenith who will be making their way to Seattle this August to compete in The International.

Welcome guys and thank you so much for being here. We will try to keep things short and sweet so I will pose just one question to each member of your roster. Let us get started. 🙂

To Daryl Pei Xiang Koh (iceiceice)

Q. From the competition that you are going to face at The International this year, which team do you think will be your hardest opponent and why?
A. I don’t really care actually. It’s not like I’m going to not any how play against any opponent in TI2.

To Nicholas Lim (xFreedom)

Q. Zenith is believed by many to be the strongest Dota 2 team in the scene today. As a member of that roster, what do you think is that one quality that makes it such a massive powerhouse?
A. I think it’s because we have highly skilled individuals with much knowledge of the game.

To Wai Hong Toh (xy-)

Q. Name five viable unreleased competitive heroes you would like to personally see implemented to the Dota 2 pool before The International 2012?
A. Very difficult now. I would have said Chaos Knight and Phantom Assassin, but they’re already out. Tauren Chieftain, Templar Assassin, Centaur, Rubick (iceiceice approves) and Naga Siren (xFreedom applauds this choice).

Team Zenith

To Jonathan Berg (Loda)

Q. You have been a part of the European Dota scenario for a greater part of your playing career but that has changed now. So as someone who has seen both sides of the picture, how very different do you feel is the play style / practice methods / strategies of Asian teams when compared to the rest of the world?
A. Of course the play style is a bit different, but to be honest, Zenith is more like a Euro/US team than most other SEA teams. Practice methods are different for me, cause now I have the chance to go practice on LAN with my team whenever we have an important game coming up.

When it comes to strategies they vary a bit, but I feel that the team is very open about how to pick and what to pick. Sometimes they even let me pick the heroes to add a European flavour to it all.

To Benedict Han Yong Lim (hyhy)

Q. You were cut short by just a few steps at The International last year and it is obvious that you will want to claim gold this time. As the captain of such an amazingly talented and capable roster, what areas will you be aiming to improve on over course of the next three months so as to not leave any scope for error?
A. We will look to master ban/picks from viable pool of heroes released by then, perfect hero play by each player on individual roles and also not pick SF again.