Understanding the Smeevils

As of today’s update, The International 3 Compendium courier upgrades are now available on the client. However, the Smeevils are troublesome creatures so it will require a little bit effort to gather one that you might like. Here is a little guide that should aid you in understanding the system better.

Types of Smeevils & Upgrades

There are 4 types of Smeevils – the Green, the Red, the Yellow and the Purple. Every default courier that you gain on purchasing the Compendium is a Green Smeevil that can be upgraded to one of the others if you wish to.


A total of three custom mounts are available for these Smeevils that you can upgrade to if you wish – the Mammoth, the Bird and the Crab depending on what color Smeevil you upgraded to prior to this.

  • Red Smeevil can gain the Mammoth mount.
  • Smeevil_Mammoth
  • Yellow Smeevil can gain the Bird mount.
  • Smeevil_Bird
  • Purple Smeevil can gain the Crab mount.
  • Smeevil_Crab

All Smeevils can also gain a unique particle effect that strengthens with more views it gains. In order to gain views, you can watch The International 3 matches including the Eastern and Western Qualifiers. You can also watch replays to increase the view counter on your courier.


How do you upgrade the Smeevils?

In order to upgrade your Smeevil to a different color, you will need be in possession of a unique item called the “Smeevil Treat” and a “Critter Egg” in order to add a custom mount to your Smeevil.

  • Smeevil Treat – Upgrades your Smeevil into a different color.
  • Smeevil_Treat
  • Critter Egg – Adds a custom mount to your Smeevil.
  • Critter_Egg

How do I get these items?

I’ll update this when the info is live.

What do I do once I get these items?

Once you are in possession of these items, right click on the Smeevil in your inventory and press “Select Style“. This will open up a dialog box where you can customize your courier.


In this dialog box you will be presented with all the options you have at your disposal.


After having your ingredients, select one of the styles and press on “Unlock Style“. Remember that unlocking a style will consume your ingredient.


You will now be able to apply the new style to your courier.


You can unlock multiple effects on the same courier and switch between them anytime you want or you can always level up multiple Smeevils depending on your interest and your collection rage. All the unlocked effects of one particular courier will be shown in their description on the Steam inventory to suit trading and other features. Some features and strings may be tweaked slightly by final release.