Selected members of the community with good standing have now been appointed as moderators for this new system. These users will have the right to tend to reports and have the power to ban, mute or suspend players based on the severity of the reports against them.
Do not want to keep playing a game? You can now cast a vote along with your team mates. When 4 out of 5 players on your team agree to a surrender, the game will end with a win being awarded to your opponents.

Base camping will be missed.
You can now choose to play with players only from your region. On choosing this option, you will be locked out from the rest of the servers when matchmaking. You can also selectively choose the same from Language preferences.

Do note that queue times might drastically increase when you are finding games with these options turned on.
The Dota community has a very artistic side to it which needs to be showcased. With this community updates, new tools are now available for users to upload their artwork to the Workshop which can eventually go on to be spotlighted in the game.

The sun shines upon us this season but nature always has its own way of balancing things. Somewhere down in the abyss, a dark power stirs.

Brace yourselves!